Monday, 17 November 2014

Interview with Lynne Whiteley: Author of A Pocket Full of Hope

Having read and reviewed A Pocket Full of Hope (see post on Sheffield novels) I asked the author Lynne Whiteley some questions. More information can be found at:

1) How much of the story is true, Lynne? You say in the epilogue that Owen and Beth were your parents, but what about the other characters?

Realistically I would say 85% poetic license taken with the minor additional roles

2) How much of the story was related to you by your mum and dad? 

Their early lives, they always danced including at Blackpool, the war years

3) Who are the people on the cover? 

The 2 main characters, Owen's grandmother, Elizabeth his sister, the death throes of HMS Majestic torpoeded off Gallipoli where Arthur was assumed 'Lost At Sea' and the story starts.

3) I was trying to work out the locations in the book, but not very successfully. I imagined they lived near Heeley seeing as how they went to Edmund road drill hall. Was it a conscious effort not to be too specific? 

No altho the areas are there the specific addresses are not. Owen was brought up by his grandmother on St Mary's Road  before having to move after her death to Hanover Lane (no longer there)  off Hanover Street.  Beth's early days were spent in Upperthorpe moving on to Park area later.

4) It's nice that you're donating from each book to the Royal British Legion. I've not read that on your website or anywhere: only that you've told me. How much do your margins let you donate from each book? 

Flat rate £1 per book via Publisher Tommies Guides - Military & Military Fiction 

5) A tremendous amount of work has gone into the book. How long has it taken you? 

4 years on and off

6) The historical detail struck me as convincing. How much research went into it before you put pen to paper?

Quite a bit regarding the search for Arthur which took my brother over 18 months, WWI and again for the actual timetables leading up to WWII

7) Have you got another novel in the pipeline?  

Various ideas milling around. Nothing definite yet - sequel? perhaps - we'll see.

8) Whereabouts will people find you at Kelham Island Christmas market? 

In the Made In Sheffield section - where else?
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